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Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
. we are in southwest baghdad, our mission was to go into a town and clear three schools that might possibly be hiding the suicide bombers. besides the ak47 shots it was a pretty quiet mission. i've been wearing the same uniform for over 25 days without a shower. it drives you a little crazy besides some cuts and scrapes, i'm doing really well. tell my friends that i really miss them and can't wait to get home. >> it's been hard but we're proud of him. we're so proud of him. >> i think we have a lot of faith and just a positive attitude that he's going to come home. >> shortly after the iraq war started in 2003, a father went looking for his son an american soldier serving in baghdad. it was a long dangerous journey for what turned out to be only a brief visit. molly hennenburg brings us their story. >> reporter: this is a man on a mission. he is trying to find his son george who is stationed with a company of military police in baghdad. it's been an arduous trip to get this far. >> i drove down syria, jordan, iraq. and i arrived after 28 days to baghdad. >> hi george. >> we found h
Dec 7, 2012 6:30am PST
on mutanabbi street in baghdad. mutanabbi street is a mixed shia-suni area. more than 30 people were killed and more than 100 were wounded. this locale is the historic center of baghdad book selling, a winding street filled with bookstores and outdoor book stalls. named after the famous 10th century classic poet, al-mutanabbi, this is an old and established street for book selling and has been for hundreds of years. mutanabbi street also holds cafes, stationary shops, and even tea and tobacco shops. it has been the heart and soul of the baghdad literary and intellectual community. this tragedy is part of a wider and continuing tragedy, but one that we want to isolate and address, not only for the loss of lives but also for the implications underlying the destruction of a street where books were sold. book selling on mutanabbi street is no different from book selling here. we traffic in memory, ideas and dreams. in that sense, we feel that mutanabbi street starts at the front door of all of our book shops. mutanabbi street starts here. our first reader will be sinan anton. >> when i was torn
Dec 31, 2012 4:30am EST
that at least 10 people have been killed and 46 injured in three separate car bombings in and around baghdad area. in one of the bombings, a family of seven, there was a bomb that went off near their home. all seven died. in a separate one, just south of baghdad, to the people were killed and one person was killed north of baghdad as well. nobody has taken responsibility for these attacks. according to ap, officials in baghdad say that this possibly could be the work of some sort of extremist group. we are working to get some more information on this story coming in from iraq. back to you. >> we will check back in soon, jimmy. 29 degrees 4:46 is your time. we will show you how loved ones are remembe >> 4:49. police are investigating a deadly shooting in southeast d.c.. this happened early sunday morning. the victim has been identified as 23 road angelo payne. he was shot in the upper body. this follows another shooting, darnell rivers found in his car on saturday. there has been no arrest made in either case. an emotional tribute to a virginia college football player murdered -- killed. his
Dec 28, 2012 2:30am PST
's decision not to follow saddam's decision into baghdad. >> ladies and gentlemen, when we here, we were 150 miles away from baghdad and there's nobody between us and bagsd. if our intention to take iraq, to destroy the country, if it had been our intention to overrun the country, we could have done it unopposed from this position at that time. >> schwarzkopf was honored for his service with the medal of freedom. queen elizabeth even awarded him with a knight hood. >>> former president george h.w. bush praised his leadership yesterday. general schwarzkopf is survived by his wife and three kids. he was 78 years old. >>> joining us now by phone, jack jacobs, medal of honor recipient and knew general schwarzkopf well. welcome to "way too early." i know that you knew general schwarzkopf very well. your thoughts on his passing, sir? >> i knew him from years and years ago. he was lieutenant and i was a major. he had the reputation he acquired later on as stormin' norman. he was well known by everyone. he made his mark. >> how did he lead? >> say it again. >> how did he lead, how did he win the tro
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am EST
the most is the one you mentioned south of baghdad where apparently, and normal, ordinary home was blown up and seven people were killed inside. but the other attacks have been more or less standard, attacks on security forces and shiites -- shia religious processions. security forces were trying to dismantle a rocket that was to be launched in the direction of an air base. a bomb went off right next to them and one was or two were killed, and four were wounded. a few other attacks took place in the east and the south. >> this comes at quite a difficult political time as well. >> very difficult political time. the government is facing ongoing protests in the western province of anbar, which borders syria and jordan. and a number of other provinces are joining the protests as their been calls for civil disobedience and international highway that links iraq dollar- jordan to syria has been cut off. there has been in intensity with demands from the government's having to do mostly with setting some prisoners free, including women prisoners, whom the protesters say have been arrested purely bec
Dec 31, 2012 4:30am EST
car bomb killed three people and wounded 21 south of baghdad. now, a police officer says that the explosion took place in a busy street in a southern city where local government offices are located. accounts also say the blast occurred as pilgrims were making a trip to a nearby holy site. not sure how many were among the casualties. it's about 60 miles south of baghdad. derrick ward, live at the news desk. >>> it's down to the wire. less than 24 hours from the miss cliff deadline. congress is reportedly inching closer toward a deal. the house will reconvene at 9:00 this morning. the senate will return to capitol hill at 11:00 a.m. talks hit a standstill yesterday after mitch mcconnell proposed social security cuts. democrats rejected the plan, aides say. there has been what they call constructive movement on key issues like taxes, including a compromise on where to set higher rates for wealthier americans and avoid a jump in inheritance taxes. vice president joe biden is taking over as lead negotiator for the democrats. >> still time left to reach an agreement. we intend
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am PST
administration and all you had to do was take on saddam hussein and baghdad and all would be well. others thought differently. i recommended that he ought to look at a lanler force. when the general, the chief of staff and the army, a combat expert went before congress and was asked by a senator, how many troops do you think it will take to stabilize the place? he was shot down that day by a secretary of defense and almost disgraced. how can you possibly need more to cure a place after you take it? he was right and pretty much cutoff at the knees. there were others like that. a senior officer who knew better, but the voices didn't carry the day. when baghdad fell, everybody was cheering and that was good. no doubt our troops can do that. as i said in the book, that's not the end of a concept. >> was it tommy frank's responsibility to speak out and say we need more troops? >> i don't know what time he did or did not. they were focused on trying to see if they can do it with a minimum number of troops. they could. baghdad fell quickly. the iraqi army is not what it was years ago. once it fell, it d
Dec 31, 2012 2:30pm PST
killed south of the capital, baghdad. >> india remains in morning two days after the death of a woman who's a gang rape earlier this month shocked the country. many hotels and clubs have closed down in respect of the woman. the rate and death triggered widespread demonstrations. >> rescue teams in colombia are searching for survivors after this varied parts of a road. they believed 20 people may be trapped under the road and there are unconfirmed reports of at least two dead. >> as mentioned, we're going to leave you with chancellor angela merkel's new year's address. >> think you for being with us and happy new year. -- thank you for being with us. these are small medical miracles. they are marks of our research's success. for this boy in this woman, research means hearing or a heartbeat. it means daily life and quality of life. for our country, research means jobs. if we can do something that others cannot, we preserve and create prosperity. that is why we are investing more than ever before in education and research. that is why we are building a germany into one of the most modern ene
Dec 28, 2012 1:30am PST
? remember the lion blinded by the showing of the baghdad zoo, set free
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
and injured more than 80 as a car bomb in a central baghdad neighborhood killed five and wounded 25. seven people were killed and houses. explosions took place in two other cities. but egyptian president has played down the slide in the value of the egyptian pound to a record low. those comments come as central banks launched a new system of the foreign-exchange options to local banks to try to control the value of the egyptian pound. the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, is being treated for a blood clot in a vain between her brain and skull. doctors caring for say she should make a full recovery. earlier this month, the veteran politician suffered a concussion after fainting and falling down. >> hillary clinton in belfast earlier this month, the end of a typically frenetic a foreign trip, for countries in five days. is thought to contracted a stomach virus. at home, she fell and suffered a concussion. she's now being treated at this new york hospital and has been told to avoid this sort of punishing travelled has taken her to more foreign capitals than any of her predecessors. 11
Dec 18, 2012 4:30am EST
that the president has been taken to a hospital in baghdad for an unspecified health problem. his office posted disinformation on their web site a short time ago. they say that he was taken to the hospital last night, showing signs of extreme fatigue. they gave no further details. they said that they would update their website as soon as they got an update on his condition. this story is out of iraq. we will pass along any information. back to you. >> thank you. as police investigated deadly shooting in montgomery county, the brother of the victim is planning to speak publicly today. 28-year-old edwin hernandez was killed early sunday morning near wheaton lund. two men approached them and he was shot following a verbal exchange. his brother has been speaking to the media about how the crime has affected the family and he's asking for the public's help in finding the killers. a man accused of murdering a jewelry store owner in arlington has been indicted. tommy wong was shot and killed at his store in columbia pike in july. an arlington county grand jury indicted james caroline on capital murder
Dec 18, 2012 5:00am EST
for extreme fatigue. a medical team in baghdad is stabilizing his condition. doctors have not decided talabani will continue in baghdad or be prone toill r country for treatment. we are keeping a close eye on story this morning. , we will passs along. back to you. >> thank you. 49 degrees, 5:30. >> much more ahead. another controversy for [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.448 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns ouout this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. [playing joy to the world] ♪ >> beer with the salvation army, give generously of our familiar kettles. -- we are with the salvation army. good morning, washington. >> that was festive. it's 5:41, 50 degrees. we will go to meteorologist adam with a holiday light display. an unparalelled light display at the church of jesus
Dec 15, 2012 3:05pm EST
, was brought home to me by a meeting i had a few years ago, i think in 2008 in baghdad with a fellow named -- a brave iraqi parliamentarian, brave or suicidal or a combination of the two, who dared to visit israel and thought iraq should normalize relations with israel for which sentiments he faced attempts to get him imprisoned, which he beat, and won rulings in his favor in an iraqi court, but he didn't stop the extremists who in 2005 attacked him and his sops and killed his two sons in retaliation for visiting israel. testifies not discouraged, ran for parliament, won a seat in 2005, but i remember meeting with him in his living room in baghdad in 2008 rueing the fact he had little money on which to run for re-election or to fund a slate of like-minded candidates whereas all the radical extremists in iraq got cope yows funds from the iranians, and the iranians called him asking if he want the $5 million, and he said, no thank you, i'm opposed to what you stand for, but very few people in iraq turn down an offer like that from whatever source. what happened in iraq is that the iranians b
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Dec 3, 2012 7:00pm PST
into anything. not even in the car. it's always like full bars. dc, beirut, baghdad, great reception. makes the whole thing kind of unbelievable. (laughter) anyway, hi a great thanksgiving. i celebrated the traditional manner with my family or as the indians call them maze. but folks we all know thanksgiving is just a preamble to the holiest day the year, black friday. when americans-- when americans come together to bow before their lord the wal-mart rollback guy. because jesus isn't the only one who is saved. and black friday, because black friday las biblical roots. that's when the three wise men got that killer buy gold and frankincense get one myrrh free, deal. and folks this year was a great one for retailers. >> sales broke records both on-line and in stores. a total of $247 million people shopped. that's a 9% increase over last year's numbers. each shopper spent on average $425-- $423, total spending over the four day weekend hit a record $59.1 billion. >> stephen: $59.1 billion. folks, i'm sure that's good for the economy. but frankly i'm worried that black friday is being ruined b
Dec 15, 2012 8:00am EST
down to commanders' meetings in baghdad which, fortunately, i was given the notes for so i could go through them. e-mail's a great thing. [laughter] a good contrast would be petraeus who spent a lot of time doing what he called battlefield circulations in baghdad, just getting out and about. odierno did so as well when he was with petraeus in baghdad. they also brought in different points of view. it was really striking to me in that phase of the surge of '07, the different voices you saw around american commanders. you know, emma skye, a fashion fistic british-arab specialist, anti-american, anti-military is odierno's political adviser. you know, and if you asked general odierno why, he said because she makes me think differently, she asks the right question. the other people you saw were also asking iraqis questions. david -- [inaudible] was in baghdad, and he asked the iraqis a question about what to do in sadr city, a civil engineer, a former army officer and a religious leader, and they started talking intensely, and he said, i'm sorry if i gave an offense, they said, oh, no, y
Dec 23, 2012 1:30pm EST
point they owned a house over there did and they in baghdad? what was that like? >> they've shifted the house but yeah, they had a house. "the new york times" never in the green zone, always in the red zone, and it was not a bad place actually, but it was heavily fortified with glass walls, with a fairly large security contingent almost entirely iraqi, machine guns and all that kind of stuff i think it was better defended than the compound connaughton if benghazi and i mean that seriously but it turned out not to be necessary. and if -- i didn't spend all that much time there because a lot of the reporting that i pass through and it is shifted to a different location, but they have maintained a bureau with armored cars and full-time iraqi staff. it was a fairly expensive endeavor for the newspaper. >> is life for any americans still in iraq still glass walls and armored cars? >> it is a group that is there not this last summer but the saudi the customer before and i went around in the street with all of the iraqis went to a demonstration, went to a store i wouldn't linger in the con
Dec 6, 2012 2:30pm PST
stories making the news. the united nations secretary general has held talks with iraqi leaders in baghdad and resolved issues with kuwait -- and resolved issues with kuwait top the agenda. over two decades after iraq invaded its neighbor, he called on them to solidify ties. >> there's little hope of finding survivors a day after two vessels collided in the northern sea. fine people in and to have died and six others and then to have mr.. the car freighter sank after the crash took place with a container ship from cyprus. >> in the philippines, nearly 400 people are now known to have died in a typhoon. reports -- some reports put the death toll even higher, and hundreds are still missing. the storm passed through the philippines earlier this week, wiping out whole villages, leaving around 200,000 people homeless. >> the u.s. business magazine " forbes" has named barack obama as the world's most powerful person in its annual rankings. german chancellor angela merkel is in second place while russian president vladimir putin is in third. >> in the wake of the typhoon, the philippines is calli
Dec 18, 2012 2:30pm PST
in baghdad have confirmed what they called a health emergency. >> the 79-year-old has had medical treatment abroad in number of times in the last two years. talabani is seen as pivotal to holding together iraq's power- sharing government. in the wake of the school massacre in newtown, connecticut, a push for tougher gun laws is gaining momentum. at a memorial service, president barack obama call for action but stopped short of saying what that might entail. several democratic senators are calling for laws to curb gun violence. >> meanwhile, funeral services were held for two victims of the deadly shooting. 27 people died, many of the children, when the gunman opened fire on the school. he was heavily armed with hundreds of bullets. >> family, friends, loved ones gathered in newtown to bid a final farewell to two young boys who lost their lives much too early. noah was 6 years old. this will it's remembered him as a happy child who loved animals. -- his schoolmates remembered him as a happy child who loved animals. >> she said whenever she told him she love him, his answer was not as much as
Dec 16, 2012 4:00pm PST
some of the world's largest oil reserves and is at the heart of a dispute between the baghdad based arab government and ethnic kurds that run their own autonomous region. still to come on the program, guilty of dishonest conduct. former british army doctors who failed to detect an iraqi detainee. why as fans -- why is france saying goodbye to one of its most famous actors? ♪ >> hello, again. welcome back to your international weather forecast. bolivia, peru, we are expecting heavy rain. the mountains really enhance all that rain. this is what the forecast looks like as we move towards monday. we expect to see more rain across the region. temperatures staying at about 14 degrees. down here a couple of light showers, expect about 26 degrees. still looking nice across the caribbean, the islands will see sun for the next couple of days. in terms of temperature this is what it looks like. but over towards montego bay we expect to stay steadily drive. a high temperature in nassau. in the southeastern part of the united states we are expecting quite a bit of weather over the next couple
Dec 29, 2012 2:00pm PST
to the misery of a population that has suffered decades of wars and sanctions. in one of baghdad's poorest areas, the people blamed the government. >> we are suffering. where is the government? where's the money going? it is going into their pockets and officials are fighting for power. suffered decadesi>> we need ser. we have nothing. it has been tenures. -- 10 years. >> and a cutter with large oil reserves, the people feel that this is not enough. iraq and its between $7 billion and $8 billion every month from the u.s. it will revenues, but political infighting has prevented big projects to improve the infrastructure of this country. officials blamed the floods on the old sewage system. >> the amount of rain was seven times more than the capacity of our system. we're working on new systems to build new sewage lines. >> iraqis are promised yet another new megaproject to improve their lives, but until they are completed, it will be more obstacles for iraqis to overcome. >>> an iranian pilot praised for an emergency landing is blooming international sanctions for putting passengers at risk. he sa
Dec 30, 2012 4:00pm PST
but the government in baghdad is also hitting back. on saturday, state television showed pictures of detained body guards for the finance minister. it claims they've confessed to charges of their involvement in assassinations and bombings. but no one in this crowd seems to trust the government or its judicial system. that's why the fear of renewed sectarian violence is increasing. >> israel is allowing building materials into gaza for the first time since hamas seized control in 2007. the supplies were carried to private construction projects. investigators are examining the wreckage of a russian jeat -- jet that crashed onto eye motorway in moscow saturday. five onboard were killed. all the survivors are seriously injured. it's thought that a defective breaking -- braking system may have caused the plane to skid off the runway. >> a harrowing scene. motorists dodging the debris of a russian airliner. remarkably, none of them were killed. the plane overshot the main runway at moscow's airport and crashed on the runway. >> the plane touched down on the landing zone but was unable to stop, careened
Dec 30, 2012 9:45am EST
they own a house over there or renting a house in baghdad. what was that like? >> yeah, we had a house -- the new york times is ever in the green zone. it was always an event to. it is not a bad place actually, but of his heavily fortified with glass walls, with a fairly large security contingent almost entirely iraqi. one breaks and iraqi machine guns. it is probably better defended than the american diplomat in the gaussian i mean that seriously. but it turned out not to be necessary. but i didn't spend all that much time because i did a lot of them have different wording, but i passed through there and they've been shifted it to a different location. they maintained the up there with armored cars, full-time iraqi staff. there's a fairly extensive endeavor for the newspaper. >> mr. gordon is life for any americans still in iraq still class was an armored cars? >> is improved. i was there not this last summer, but to summer before to see prime minister maliki and i went into the street with all iraqis, got out of the car, went to a demonstration, went to a store. i wouldn't linger in
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
contracts again. >> in september of 2007 blackwater said one of its convoys came under fire at a baghdad intersection and it's operatives were fighting for their lives when they open fired. >> cenk: and then a moment from our one year anniversary on current. [ cheering ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." we've got an awesome show for you tonight! [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] shift the balance of power decisively in your favor. the exclusive eight-speed transmission and rotary shifter in the new 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too smal
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Dec 17, 2012 11:00am EST
travel for the holiday season. boeing back in iraq. the jetliner landed in baghdad. the delivery is part of a 40 plus jet industry. despite cold weather and a lackluster launch date, apple says it has sold over 2 million iphone tries. just to compare, apple sold 2.1 apple iphones. here in the states, apple products are getting cheaper. shares of apple today are trading a little bit lower. a city analyst removed his buy rating. connell: we never hear of any price cuts for apple. dagen: at walmart, would you be surprised. everyday low prices. connell: keeping up with technology. it is not so easy for regulators. there are concerns that hackers may have an eye on your living room. delays with dealing with the debt crisis in d.c. could also do like your tax refund. will it posssbly send this country into a recession? in the meantime, here are some winners, s&p 500. ♪ connell: we are back with the latest event with communication and technology. it is getting harder and harder for the government to protect your privacy. the more washington delays, the greater the chance you will not get your
Dec 3, 2012 7:00pm EST
supervised all of that for saddam hussein. the night of april 5th two convoys left baghdad one with the russian ambassador headed to damascus the other headed through the area of north of baghdad with all of the major weapon systems. they crossed the border. that's the last i can report on where they are. the russians know where the wmd is. this is a game that's not being played regionally any more. this is moscow. this is beijing. this is washington. all involved in the civil war. the talk of wmd now, it's very late in the game. if we're looking for a reason to go to war that might be the reason why the president and secretary of state are using the term red line. >> is that, in fact, his goal. is that, in fact, his goal. does he now want to -- i don't know whether it's air bombing, john, or drones or troops on the ground but is it time now? is that what he's saying? >> all my information points to that fact, larry, that we're already watching the early stages of the invasion of syria. that's all my information, larry. >> who will be invading? >> turkey. turkey under the agent
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
'm sorry about that we're going to baghdad where iraqi president jalal talabani is in the hospital after suffering a stroke monday night. nic robertson has the story. >> erin, well, the health of the president is not good. it's been described as very unwell. collapsing of what appears to be a stroke in a hospital in baghdad. according to the prime minister's office, they're considering whether to treat him in iraq or send him for medical treatment outside the country. 79 years old. he has been an important figure because he has helped bridge some of those deep ethnic and sectarian positions in iraq. he's building alliances that has aloud the country to somewhat keep functioning. he was treated for a health care in 2007. treated for being overweight and another issue for this back just this year in germany. but his health right now, not good. the outlook not particularly good right now, erin. >> thanks very much to nic. and next, trying to help any way they can, a ray of hope here in newtown. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shar
Dec 15, 2012 8:00pm EST
times. one point "the new york times" were renting a house over in baghdad? what was that like? >> yeah, we had a house. "the new york times" was never in the green zone. it was always in the red zone. we had a house and it was not a bad place actually but it was heavily fortified with a fairly large security contingency almost entirely iraqi. one bread and one iraqi, built-in machine guns and all that sort of stuff. i think it was better defended than the american diplomatic compound in benghazi and i mean that seriously. it turned out not to be necessary but i mean i didn't spend all that much time there because i did a lot of embedded reporting. they shifted it to a different location but you know, they had a bureau there with armored cars, full-time iraqi staff. it was a fairly large endeavor for the newspaper. >> are there any americans in iraq with armored cars? >> it has improved. i was there the summer before to see prime minister melekian i went around in the street with iraqis, got out of the car and went to a demonstration went to a store. i wouldn't linger in some of the mor
Dec 24, 2012 5:00pm EST
with virtue and leadership. on every battlefield and in every boardroom, from baghdad to washington and from kabul to the valley. our commitment is resolute, are the nations best days lie ahead. thank you. [applause] [applause] i mentioned before i was a class president in 2002 so i helped plan tailgaters and i'd do some fiscal duties and we do interesting things. we write books, but in august of 2009 i got a phonecall from a classmate that one of my classmates was killed. his mother is here with us today and she wrote for the story. one of those authors that i worked with overtime and we are honored to have you maam, and this event is a tribute to matt and we are grateful for your work and thank you. [applause] >> 9/11, 2001, four days earlier i was attending the naval academy's parents weekend for the class of 2002. this was mattheus chance to proudly show off his naval academy before graduating in the spring. for me the day began in matthews aerospace engineering class as my husband gary, the naval academy class of 76 was the guest speaker for the professors who had taught him 26 years ea
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
fair treatment from the baghdad regime, and the release of sunni prisoners. shi-ite prime minister nouri al-maliki said the demonstrations were not acceptable. the government of china imposed tighter controls on internet usage today. now, china's 500 million web users will have to provide their real names when they register for internet service. and providers must delete any web content deemed illegal, and report it to authorities. leading writers and bloggers insisted it's a new way for china's communist leaders to censor their critics. >> ( translated ): since the internet came into china, the chinese government has been repeatedly imposing restrictive measures, such as shielding, blocking and banning. it has even spent billions of dollars to build a firewall against overseas sites. they just don't want to see any freedom of speech which is provided by the constitution because it will hurt their vested interest. >> holman: the new curbs come in the wake of a series of online discussions that have helped expose corruption scandals. russian president vladimir putin signed a bill
Dec 28, 2012 5:30pm PST
fair trtmt from the baghdad regimeand the rease sun prisoners. shi-ite prime minister nouri al-maliki said the demonstrations were not acceptable. the government of china imposed tighter controls on internet usage today. now, china's 500 million web users will have to provide their real names when they register for internet service. and providers must delete any web content deemed illegal, and report it to authorities. leading writers and bloggers insisted it's a new way for china's communist leaders to censor their critics. >> ( translated ): since the internet came into china, the chinese government has been repeatedly imposing restrictive measures, such as shielding, blocking and banning. it has even spent billions of dollars to build a firewall against overseas sites. they just don't want to see any freedom of speech which is provided by the constitution because it will hurt their vested interest. >> holman: the new curbs come in the wake of a series of online discussions that have helped expose corruption scandals. russian president vladimir putin signed a bill into law to
Dec 17, 2012 1:25am EST
city was about baghdad, little america is about afghanistan. >> well, i think the challenge for us is we want to be on every device for every person at every hour of the day, and we're a mobile society, and so
Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
served in afghanistan and iraq, this is the toughest time of year. michelle miller reports. >> baghdad from a black box. >> reporter: retired u.s. army captain has a book of memories from her tour in iraq. it includes pictures of a memorial of her fellow soldiers, who never came home. all of those? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: were in your unit. >> right. >> reporter: that's a lot of people. she says this is one of the toughest times of the year. >> i came back in october 2008. so right before the holidays. and i was here for the holidays. >> reporter: so you get home, everybody is happy? >> right. >> reporter: they're celebrating. >> it's very exciting for them. and i'm thinking about being dead in the cemetery. report she says she saw a lot of carnage whiling as a physical therapist in iraq. although she appeared upbeat, once out of iraq she fell into a deep depression and thought about suicide. do you have ptsd? >> yes. >> reporter: describe it to me. >> paranoid al, don't like to be out in large crowds. >> reporter: in march of 2009, she spent more than a week undergoing psychiatric eva
Dec 22, 2012 2:00am PST
, stretching from baghdad to beirut. and if you have these many sectarian groups fighting, in pockets, various places it will be very dangerous to cover. >> richard engel, you are so capable of covering this, more than almost anybody, it makes me worry about the prospect of covering these things close up. but more than anything, i'm grateful you're back. >> thanks. >> now you have to stay here and become a dentist, a doctor. all right, that will do it for us tonight. let's play hardball. >>> good evening. i'm michael summer connish in for chris matthews. president obama calls for congress to act on a scaled down deal that would spare the middle class on tax hikes from the first of the year. he spoke with john boehner tonight but is grand bargain still possible when everybody is leaving town. then in the weeks since the shooting massacre in a town that left hand 20 children and six educators dead, we've been hearing for plenty calling for new gun control laws but little from the nra until now. in a bizarre meeting, the head of the nra said the solution to gun vie lerchs in this country is simpl
Dec 22, 2012 6:30pm EST
: like all news organizations, nbc news could not have covered the march to baghdad at the start of the iraq war or the surge five years later that turned the tide or the continuing challenges in afghanistan without joining the third i.d. at the point of engagement. their sacrifices have been immense, 443 warriors lost so far. but here friends and family and total strangers have been coming together for years just before christmas to acknowledge and honor the fallen. this year, after one of the worst domestic shooting massacres in american history. >> don't be afraid to reach out to someone who you know suffered a loss. like one of these people that suffered a loss whether it is in something like connecticut or a soldier who's lost their life, let them know, let the family members know you're thinking about them. >> reporter: for many, for these families, the pain endures. only eased a little at a time, a year at a time, a day at a time. the lesson? hold tight. keep holding tight. mike taibbi, nbc news, fort stewart, georgia. >> our thanks to these american heroes and our thought
Dec 4, 2012 4:00am EST
just published its quality of life survey. zurich number two. baghdad ranked last over concerns over security and political instability. and it is official, a new royal highness is on the way. after week of speculation, the duke and duchess have confirmed they are expecting their first child. the duchess thought to be under 12 weeks pregnant is being treated in a central london hospital for severe morning sickness. book makers have been inundated with bets. and more from twitter, as well. last night the pope announced he'll be using a micro blog to he spread his message. the pontiff says he'll defeat in eight languages. the english language version of it is @pontifex. there you go. will you be following the pope? what is the top news maker? e-mail or tweet us. we'll take a short break. still to come, we'll be back in brussels. finance ministers start debating proposals for a banking union after they also are signing off on debt by back proposals for greece. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a h
Dec 18, 2012 9:00am PST
the story, you are drawn back to it. and also again, as i say, for me i needed to get back to the baghdad bureau to see our staff. we had a big iraqi staff. >> glad you're okay. we respect what you do. we are relieved that richard engel is also okay, he and his crew. >> thank you. >> iraq's talabani is hospitalized and in baghdad. the 79-year-old leader suffered a stroke and his health condition is not good. but the president's office has not confirmed that yet. the official line that is he has had a health emergency. mr. talabani elected president in 2005. he's left the country several times for medical issues. want to go back to ashleigh in connecticut for the other big story we are following. >> as you drive through or walk through this town, you see churches everywhere. there are a lot of people of faith in this town. and their faith has unquestionably been shaken. how on earth do you answer the question, how can god let something like this happen? going to talk to a man of faith about dealing with that very question and the question of eving raining down upon newtown, connecticut, in
Dec 22, 2012 10:00am EST
the new york times and a house over there or were renting a house in baghdad. what was that like? >> guest: they shifted the house but we had a house, n.y. times was never in the green zone. always the red zone. had a house and it was not a bad place but it was heavily fortified with glass walls, a fairly large security contingent, almost entirely iraqi, machine guns, all that sort of stuff and better defended than the american diplomatic compound in benghazi but it turned out not to be necessary. i didn't spend that much time because i did a lot of imbedded reporting but i passed through and they shifted to a different location. they maintain a bureau there with armored cars, full time iraqi staff, it was a fairly expensive endeavor for the newspaper. >> host: is life for any americans still in iraq still glass walls and armored cars? >> guest: it has improved. i was there not last summer but the summer before to see prime minister maliki and i went around in the streets with all iraqis, walked around, went to a demonstration, went to a store. i wouldn't linger in the more contested neigh
FOX Business
Dec 26, 2012 11:00am EST
1 eighty billion barrels a day, they have shut that down due to overpayments with baghdad. the kurds ruling themselves, not too happy with baghdad payments and out of iran two sets of military exercises. one in the gas field, the world's largest gas field, military exercises is there and later in the week military exercises in the strait of hormuz, that is having an impact in the oil complex including gasoline and heating oil. those are moving higher as well. there is nothing like middle east issues to from everything else when it comes to oil. shibani: good reminder the fiscal cliff is not the focal point of the entire world. we showed up to work today. home prices are through the roof. how can you prosper from it? that is the question. dennis: the fiscal cliff grounds for concern. starbucks launching a new campaign to perk up washington. shibani: here is how the world currencies are faring against the u.s. dollar. [ roasting firewood ] ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto
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